Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey Lucy, where's Desi?

Lucy's been visiting every morning since we moved to this beautiful place seven years ago. She's an American Bald Eagle who sits high in a tree near our home, sometimes her mate, Desi joins her, but he hasn't been around lately. Her tree overlooks the Bay where she waits and watches for her morning breakfast. The only time she doesn't visit us is when the salmon are running up the rivers north of here, then she joins thousands of other Baldies and flies into Canada for a salmon feast, she's just returned this past week after an absence of a couple of weeks.

You've never lived until you have to clean eagle poop from your car, those other bird species don't hold a candle to this, I guess we're just lucky we've never been the target.

This morning a slight mist swirled over mostly calm waters, islands slowing emerged in the distance like sleeping giants, on a really clear day we can see the Olympic Mountain Range, they are snow covered and beautiful this time of year. It would take us a six hour drive to visit the Olympics, about the same by boat, but off in the distance there they are.

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