Friday, March 25, 2011

A Multitude of Misc.

First of all, I know most of you live a distance away from Birch Bay and Blaine, WA., but, if you happen to be in the far Pacific NW on Mother's Day weekend, plan to visit Ron and I and dozens of other artists for the Blaine Art Tour.  Our neighborhood will be showing our glass art and two of our local neighbors will open their studios to showcase their wonderful photography.  Others in the Blaine/Birch Bay area include potters, knitters, painters, sculptors, and winemakers (one of my favorites).  What a multitude of talented people live around here (of course we're rained in all winter so have time to be creative), but it sure is inspiring for we retirees.  These are Ron's works, I make dichroic glass jewelry.

I've spent the past week tearing out flooring in our master bathroom.  The seal on our commode gave way and managed to soak the underlayment of our floor.  Oh my aching bones!!!  I was fine until yesterday, luckily a friend is helping with the work of putting in new subfloor and commode.  This is our handicapped bathroom so it's a real problem to have it out of commission.

On a nice note, flowers are blooming, grass is growing, sun is (mostly) shining, and life is good.

Hope your world is full of Spring flowers and your knees are full of spring!

Nancy of the Boat House in Birch Bay


  1. What wonderful work!!
    Yes, if we travel on that weekend, your neck of the woods is a great place to land at.

  2. Would love to meet you both in person, just hope the weather is good at that time. If you ever do get up this way make sure you let me know, a meal together would be a great way to celebrate.

    Nancy at the Boat House, Birch Bay