Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blizzard of 1888 and Eponine

First of all enjoying visit of son, daughter-in-law and most of all Eponine our two year old granddaughter.  We're babysitting tonight while Greg and Meka are on a date night.  What fun!

Secondly, here is a photo Ron took last Tuesday of Mt. Baker, color thanks to Photo Shop, but everything else is as we saw it, just beautiful.

Lastly, just finished a riveting book titled "The Children's Blizzard" by a gentleman named
David Laskin.  This blizzard arose in moments and killed many where they stood, unfortunately many school children died as schools were released at the time this storm hit.  Amazing what humanity goes through.  Do any of you have family in these areas who might have a family history of this storm?

Anyway, will be back blogging later in the week.

Stay warm all, from Nancy of the Boat House in Birch Bay.


  1. Beautiful pic, especially after enlarging it - nice way to interpret the view! Cute granddaughter - doing yoga already ;P

  2. Hi Bz, thanks for the comments, actually Eponine, is 2 1/2 and does already do an easy yoga with her mother. Much more agile than I am, or will ever be again.