Friday, February 4, 2011

"Open Wide"

Guess where I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon?  Yes, I had an emergency visit to the dentist after a week of an off again on again toothache.  Two separate friends had recommended this dentist, and he was exactly as described, gentle, calm, very nice, and most of all forgiving.  I haven't gone to the dentist as often as I should lately, a new roof, car repairs, emergency surgeries, lattes, and I admit it a slight fear of dental offices (I'm sure it's just the Musak),  always seemed to get in the way.  Well, lattes are on the back burner now and oral surgery is front and center, at least I have teeth to smile with and with the dentist's help I'll be able to keep on smiling.  So, I'm prepared to "open wide".

Pepper the pup is also "opening wide"  drooling all over the floor in the process.  Pepper is normally not a drooly kind of dog, but this is just too much for him to contain.  He's setting in the kitchen, looking up at Ron (who's also setting in the kitchen) with those sad begging eyes (Pepper that is, not Ron), just waiting for Ron to drop a scrap off of the cutting board where he's trimming meat for the grinder, to be mixed with his special spices, then on to the dehydrator for some of the best jerky around.

I've been busy today also, roasting fresh salsa for the Super Bowl party at Jim and Mary's on Sunday.  "Go Green Bay!", I'm a born in Wisc. girl after all.  The house smells great, kinda like walking down the middle of Olivera Street in Los Angeles.  I'll see if I can chew a few chips on Sunday, maybe I'll just have to sip salsa through a straw, and maybe Jim and Mary will make a soft dip just for me.

Anyway, "OPEN WIDE" Pepper the pup, the meat scraps will fall"; "OPEN WIDE" Philly defense,  so Green Bay  can run through to the goal; "OPEN WIDE" Super Bowl guests for salsa and chips and other  goodies; and "OPEN WIDE" Nancy at the Boat House in Birch Bay, the kind, gentle, and most of all forgiving dentist is waiting.


  1. Oh no, I hate dental appointments. Enjoy the game.

  2. hehe, great :) my least favourite doctor is the dentist, but hey... you'll make it. After a while these visits will be a distant memory :)