Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are My Bones Still Alive???

I'm back, but not sure my back's back.  It's been a tough month away but things are looking up now.  Ron has had paramedics here once and ER once, with the end result being an acute MS attack and not the stroke we thought it might be.  After three days of chemo, he is now weaning off of those three days with ten days of pregnisone (UGH!)  As usual Ron's spirits are pretty high, his seem to be higher than mine, but I'm improving every day.

As to my achy bones, well we invested in a WII and I'm a couple of days into exercise that I haven't done in years.  Obviously, I should have been doing something like this all along, and now I'm paying the price, oh, and that brat Ron beat me at bowling (he had four strikes and a spare in a row).  This is one more thing I need to practice.

In the midst of all of this I was scared that we had killed off one of our beautiful Pileated Woodpeckers.  Ron and I were both napping when we awoke to a loud THUD, one of the pair flew into our sliding glass door and was lying in a heap on the deck.  When I went out to check he shook himself off and flew off.  Thank goodness they have hard heads as he is back and doing well, at least I think it was the "he" as the female would have better sense than to fly into our window (I think he thought he was cheating on her with another woodpecker) surprise, that'll teach you!!

Well, life goes on and we are preparing for the Mother's Day weekend "Blaine Studio Tour".  Hope some of you can make it up this way to our neck of the woods to see the amazing art being created here in the farthest NW reaches of the United States.  Ron has been working on his glass art in between medical emergencies, and I have finished some pendants.  Check out for tour maps and information about the artists.

Better stories to come.

Nancy at the Boat House in Birch Bay

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  1. Oh my! Hope things slow down to a lull for you two. I might just take that trip up north toward you guys one of these summer days. How about cruising down the Pacific and stop in Port Orford?