Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Coffee the Cure?

Eyes red and blurry, can't focus, out of sorts, maybe a little shaky.  No, I'm not hung over, I just haven't had my hubby Ron's wonderful, freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee.  I'm fasting this morning (5 AM isn't the time to do this, you need your quick start don't you)?  Having my first full Medicare physical later this morning.  I guess nothing says "welcome to Medicare" like a physical.  I should have had this last Oct. when I turned 65, but time just gets away, particularly since I've had this darn flu since Thanksgiving and just now getting over it.  To top it all off I need to go in and shave my legs this morning, something I'm remiss in doing as I get older, oh the joys of looking beautiful for the doctor, of course she couldn't care less.

Oh, back to the coffee, Ron really does roast his own coffee beans.  We order them from a broker, green beans keep forever if stored correctly, Ron roasts them about two pots worth at a time.  (They start to deteriorate as soon as they are roasted) we then grind them and make this wonderful brew when we get up in the morning or when company is here.  Yes, we really are coffee snobs, although we only drink an average of two cups in a day.

Freshly roasted coffee beans, freshly made summer sausage (also Ron's creation from meats he's ground, spices added, hung up in our smoker,  and a bottle herbed salts [my contribution) were our gift of choice for dear friends this year.

Well, time to go shave my legs, hope I can bend over far enough, maybe I'll have hairy ankles and won't have to wear socks.


  1. Hope your physical went well. We miss Patricks fresh brewed coffee from the C Shop.

  2. Ali, Patrick taught Ron how to roast coffee beans, although Ron uses a real coffee roaster, not a popcorn popper.