Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scene from our back deck this morning.

Scene from our front porch this morning.
Hurrah, I was able to have my Ron's wonderful coffee this morning, as we sat at the table playing gin rummy and drinking coffee we could watch Lucy and Desi (our local Bald Eagle pair) checking out the water in Birch Bay (see view from our back deck) for their breakfast, we also watched a large ship moving between the islands through the binoculars we keep at tableside.

 Since we aren't traveling far any longer (we call our doctor, pharmacy, grocers visits our big date days) we feel we are really blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the Country where we can look out of our windows and see such beauty.

What ever happened to all of those years that have sped by so fast?  It seems that just last year we were working at our careers with vacations in between, just a year or so before that we were raising our families and going to sports events, and even walking great distances (ha, not a chance now, my old knees can only take me so far).  We have actually lived here in Birch Bay for ten years after retiring, twenty years before that in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working at Los Alamos National Laboratory, St. John's College and the College of Santa Fe,  all other working years in California raising our kids.

I must be getting old if I'm starting to reminice about my past.  Don't get me wrong, I still look forward to the future, there's just not quite so much of it any longer, more years gone by.

Oh well, the Boat House is still cruising, hope you can all come along for the ride.

Nancy of the Boathouse

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