Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hidden Prize

I have to start by saying, today has been one of those days (SIGH!!!).  This day's problems actually started yesterday.  We invited our dear friends Jim and Mary over for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate Mary's birthday.  As it happens, Jim is a master baker, so even though I'm a pretty good cook, I never try baking for this pair. Mind you, they would never, ever, be critical,  but I couldn't  even begin to make the wonderful treats he makes for us so I normally don't even try.  But, this is after all Mary's birthday, you have to have a beautiful cake for that, don't you?

While waiting to go through the checkout counter at the grocers yesterday I spot a magazine with a photo of the perfect birthday cake/dessert.  My friends love flan, they also love chocolate and here in glorious color is something called a Chocoflan.  It's a creation that Jim would never make, it's just beautiful with caramel on the bottom, a layer of flan next and a beautiful home made chocolate cake next, the caramel created the day before and chilled, then the other ingredients the next day (today).  The recipe says prep time is only 40 minutes with 1 hour and 15 minutes of cooking time.  WELL, after using every bowl in our house Ron and I finally managed to get this concoction into the oven.  Almost three hours later not only is the cake still runny, but the flan is now a part of the chocolate cake, and the caramel is so tough it would take the fillings right out of your teeth.  To top everything off my right earring is missing.

I told Ron, I'm going to scoop the gooey part into parfait glasses, with layers of whipped cream, and tell my friends that whoever finds the gold earring in the dessert will have luck for the rest of the day.  Just make sure you avoid the caramel.

Bon Appetite Everyone!!!

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