Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two Subjects, Civility and Antiquity

Two subjects moved my heart today.  Two subjects that may seem different, but in actuality are a part of the whole.

First of all how, as the political strife in Egypt expands, Egyptian civilians are rallying to surround the Museum of Antiquity to protect the exhibitions there.  Can you imagine the loss were rioters and looters able to ransack this place, stealing and setting fires?  I know, some would say it's just stuff, but it's really the heart of a people, their inheritance from the past.  In some ways it's our heart and past also, the world is no longer separated by weeks of travel, hours or months between communications, it is now a whole and as such we are a part of all of this.

Secondly, and something that is close to my heart is the word "civility".  The dictionary defines this word as a code of conduct, treating others with respect, in spite of differences.   I just watched two politicians, a Democrat and a Republican talk about being a part of a "Civility Caucus".  Amazingly, when I googled this there were numbers of people who were verbally against anything so "PC".  Luckily for them they are in a Country where they can feel and act on this rationale, our Country protects their rights, as it does mine to believe and say on-line what we feel.  It protects my passionate belief that civility is an important part of our world's peace.  My Christian belief mandates me to love my neighbor as myself.  Civility lets us respect our neighbor's differences, be they left/right, black/white, green/red, Republican/Democrat, young/old.

Again, we are all a part of the whole, let's treat the world and each other with civility.

Words from the heart from the Boat House

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