Friday, January 21, 2011

Spying on my Neighbors

As Ron and I were having our morning coffee today, during our customary game of Gin Rummy, we happened to look out the window and there sitting dejectedly out in the rain was Desi our neighbor.  He usually looks dashing and debonair, but today he just looked lonely and kind of soggy.  Usually Desi and his wife Lucy set side by side in the sunshine talking to each other, but I think Lucy is staying home these days preparing for the birth of her children and it's Desi's responsibility to provide for his family.

I hate to complain, but these two are some of our messiest neighbors, they throw their castoffs out into the yard, they yell at the neighborhood pets, in fact there are moments when I actually fear for our dog Pepper, oh, the looks Desi and Lucy give him would chill you to the bone.  (I can't say a whole lot about messy homes since I did admit to you that I have dust bunnies). I digress though,  not complaining mind you, but these two have no consideration for their neighbors, and the way they scream at their teenagers, it's just horrible.  Of course, once your kids move out maybe you would also get upset if they try to move back in.

Ron and I aren't angels of course, we do admit that sometimes, while looking out into the Bay with our telescope we accidently see into Desi and Lucy's home, but we would never purposely spy on our neighbors.

Anyhow, this morning we were actually feeling sorry for Desi, hoping all was well with Lucy, and honestly being glad that they are our neighbors.  Of course you've never lived until you've had to wash your car after Bald Eagles poop all over it.

Welcome to the neighborhood Desi and Lucy, we're really glad your nest is next door!

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