Monday, January 31, 2011

The Potty Boys

Today I'm on my own.  Friends of Ron's have picked him and his wheelchair up and off they've gone south to Seattle, to check out a huge pottery supply store.

We wives call this group of guys the "Potty Boys," although to be accurate they are the "Pottery Boys".  They all took beginner and secondary pottery classes from a fantastic artist, Brian, who also happens to be the local high school art teacher.  If you think your kids make a mess when they play with clay, you've never seen a bunch of senior men (and almost seniors) messing around with this stuff, and I don't get me started about glazes.  Unfortunately, they have all had enough science and math in their backgrounds to make you think they were creating the Acropolis all over again.  Some day archeologists will dig through the rubble of our back yard and base their assumptions on 2011 civilization on what they find buried here.

To be totally truthful, this is just another wonderful aspect of Ron's art (and the other men's also).  They have a kiln in Jim's big garage (now their man cave) and spend hours talking about ramping the heat up and down, they set and stare at the temperature gauge for hours (kind of like watching paint drying, not grass growing because ours actually grows pretty fast.)  Our clay salsa bowls are really pretty nice and best of all are the friendships that flourish right along with all of that wet clay.

Pot on Potty (oops!) Pottery Boys!


  1. what a sweet story, yeah for the potty boys!

  2. What a fun day for the boys. I am sure they had a blast.

  3. Yes, that friendship is priceless.

  4. Hey, thanks for the visit
    and I am laughing at your Potty boys
    what fun...I can't imagine my husband gettinghis hands mucky or doing anything creative with other men...hee hee hee
    did I say that?
    The snow is coming in now and the tempis dropping and the wind is kicking up...look out fly over's comin