Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Favorite Garden

I just finished commenting on a wonderful blog that I have been following, the Oregon woman who wrote this blog was discussing all of the wonderful food options that are just outside of our back doors here in the Pacific NW.

This reminded me of a local county park here in my neck of the woods, Hovander Homestead Park, in Ferndale, WA.  This is a go-to place whenever we have company from out of town, or for just spending a wonderful day in a lovely setting.   This park's gardens are maintained by the local university's agriculture department, they keep a lovely aroma garden on the grounds of one of the old homes.  The aroma garden has every kind of herb imaginable and heavenly scented plants.  The other old home (what was the original homestead) has other traditional gardens around the grounds, including a salsa garden (hot peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, etc.) but my favorite garden of all is their weed garden.  Yes, you heard me right a weed garden.  Nice, neat rows with little signs by every plant that show you exactly which of the multitude of weeds you too are growing in your very own garden.  I can tell you right now, according to that plot of land I am a master gardener.


Nancy at the Boat House