Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skeletons and Rats in My Closet

Here I was, checking out blogs and enjoying my morning coffee, Ron still asleep (or so I thought) when Pepper the Pup started yapping at the bedroom door. Oh no, I thought, somethings happened to Ron.  Well, something had happened, he had gotten up and into his power chair, drove it into our closet to get a clean shirt (I usually do this for him) and managed to get himself and his chair stuck.  I told him, he could have turned into a skeleton in our closet if I hadn't found him.

As to the rat part, Ron bought Pepper a remote controlled rat for Christmas, something he (Ron not Pepper) saw on television last December.  Well, Pepper thinks it is the best toy ever, but he runs, barks, growls, and creates havoc every time that rat is out, even if it isn't being controlled by the diabolical Ron.  Sooooo, the rat lives on a shelf in our closet except for special occasions when Ron is ready to drive Pepper (and me) crazy.

Anyway, Ron is rescued, Pepper is calm, and it's time for coffee with my darling husband.

Happy boating all!

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