Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where Do Slugs Go in the Winter?

Okay, here's the scoop!!!!  Today is January 26th, it's supposed to be winter time out there, it's supposed to be cold, possibly a layer of snow, at the very least a layer of frost on the ground, but non-the-less cold.  I guess it's not cold enough.

Tonight, at our home, during our church home group, Pepper the Pup begged and begged to go out.  When I did let him out he made a total pest of himself, barking at imagined critters in our creek (or maybe real critters), running around unlike his usually lazy self, ignoring me when I told him to be quiet.  When I finally convinced him to stop his shannanegans and come inside the house in he traipsed with something black and wiggly on his fur, which was immediately deposited on my clean floor in front of all of the home group.   EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!  It was a SLUG!!!!!!

Shouldn't slugs freeze in the winter?  Shouldn't they become snow birds and go south for the winter like the birds and RVers?  What kind of summer are we going to have if the slugs are already here?  Nothing is worse than accidentally stepping on a slug in your bare feet, they are almost impossible to get off, water just makes them spread, and you have nightmares for months afterward, and here they were already invading us.

The Boat House is going to equip our feet with galoshes, and lots of salt to sprinkle on the diabolical creatures.

I'm afraid we are in for a SLUGFEST this coming year.  Prepare yourself people!!!

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