Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TAG (Tuesday Art Group)

I had a great visit with the TAG (Tuesday Art Group) today. It's daunting to think of the years of amazing art that has been created every Tuesday, for the past 25 years (at least). As I looked around the group I noticed there are a few more gray hairs (I'm a part of that landscape), a few new wrinkles and some fantastic new art styles.

Unfortunately, my husband Ron couldn't attend today, his MS has progressed to a point where he can't maneuver even one or two steps but he keeps up with his glass art non-the-less. He's changed his style from huge five foot tall stained glass windows to new sushi plates and beautiful glass serving bowls created in my jewelry kilns.

Sandy (Sam) is doing a portrait of Ron and my granddaughter Eponine, her charcoal and pencil work is wonderful, I'll post a copy when finished, Dixie is doing an oil that I consider a love story, (of her granddaughter with her beloved dog, it looks like their feeling is mutual, they are looking into each other's eyes just with such feeling), the other Sandy who's home the group met in today, is doing a triple grouping of beautiful African faces, other's in the TAG are just as creative and such amazing mix of people. Amy's floral scenes just take your breath away, Dick has a way with birds and lighthouses, maybe he'll do a bird living in a lighthouse, Scot is the innovator of the group, mixing media, always trying new art forms that are just amazing. Roberta's watercolors adorn many public places in Bellingham, and of course my favorite is a huge mural of a sea scene that she created in our living room. Jim's western scenes reflect the life he and his wife Judy have lived on their farm here in western Washington (or maybe wished to live), Other members fade in and out of the group, unfortunately Jeanine passed away just last week, fighting a valiant fight all the way. I've moved from doing water colors and glass art to writing, and I'm not doing as much of that as I should. Somehow it just seems easier (lazier) to read, or do something else with my time. Anyway, it's and honor to be included in this great TAG group. PAINT ON............

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