Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Sure Way to Solve the Federal Deficit

I've figured out how to solve the National deficit. All the federal/state/county/city governments have to do is start licensing the new pets in my house. They are named Bugs Bunny, Thumper Bunny, etc., etc., they are all dust bunnies. For some reason they multiply as fast as I sweep them up. I turn around and BINGO there they are, peeking out from under my couch, playing tag with my broom, hopping from one spot to another. Can you imagine the income our governments would have if every house in America licensed their dust bunnies.

We could also knit sweaters out of what they shed, stuff mattresses, fill down jackets and use them for insulation (we shouldn't have any heating bills with all of these critters running around!)

Oh well, I'd better go figure out how to feed them, Costco, do you have bunny food?

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