Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prunes and Pasta

I didn't actually have pasta with prunes today, but I did prune trees and Ron and I joined good friends for wonderful Italian food.

I started the day by pruning all of our fruit trees (well we've asked a friend to help with the cherry trees, as I'm nervous about trying to prune while on a ladder).  Tomorrow I will clean up the mess I made pruning.  Thank goodness for gardening books because this was a new experience for me.

Then we went with our friends to Bellingham to the new Harbor Freight (the guys were in seventh heaven) and Mary and I even bought stuff (stuff is an appropriate word for the treasures we bought), then off to Giuseppe's Al Porto Restorante Italiano, in a beautiful new location down at the Bellweather waterfront.  We sat and watched the boats in the marina, ate Giuseppe's delicious appetizers and had a wonderful visit with our friends.

Now I'm stuffed from prunes and pasta and have had a wonderful and productive day.


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